About Us

Our ethos: to empower women of all ages to feel confident while being covered.

Birth Story

The point of wearing anything is to feel good. To me, encouraging you to feel confident is a higher priority. For you to know that the hijab draped over your head serves a bigger purpose than just being a veil that is pretty.

With me wearing hijab a little later in life (at age 21), I had a lot of trouble finding ways to outwardly express my inner values - and I knew that there must be other women out there whose values needed an outlet, too. I set out to create more than a brand, but a community that encourages outward expression - a modern way for us to express our faith through fashion. On [date, year] Covered in Confidence (CIC) was born.



To say that I love fashion and dressing up is an understatement! I studied Fashion Merchandising in NYC. When I started wearing hijab I felt insecure about how it looked and never felt confident wearing it. I didn't want to let go of my love for fashion and expressing myself through my style. I noticed that there weren't many options available out there (definitely not any cute ones!) so I decided that instead of feeling disheartened, maybe I should be a person who does something about it.

This is where the CIC blog was born (high five if you've been with me since then!). I initially started sharing pictures of my daily outfits and how I styled them with hijab. The message I wanted to put across for myself and for others is that hijab shouldn't take anything away from you - not your style, not your confidence and definitely not your sense of self-worth. Hijab adds so much! It adds, power, courage and humility and I was excited to challenge my creativity to express my style in a modest way.

I received a lot of support and encouragement through my blog - people seemed to really enjoy it! At this point, hijab was becoming a very big part of my life and I was ready to take CIC to the next stage. I asked myself what I could do to help every girl to feel beautiful, elegant, empowered and most of all confident in their own skin. My biggest pain point was how limited the hijab market was. Most hijabs were plain, black, lacking any individuality or detail (it's all about the little details!) so I challenged myself to create my own hijab line. When I started designing hijabs, I wanted each one to stand out. Rather than something that blends in or is hidden, I wanted the hijab to be the focus of the outfit. At the end of the day, we wear it every day and it should be something that we are proud of, that is beautiful and unique.


CIC wants people to see the hijab, but focus on the headstrong woman wearing it.

Our purpose

CIC is a brand made by women, for women. Rather than working with a large manufacturing body, I work with three dedicated and hard-working female tailors. These women support and sustain their families through their craftsmanship. We not only want to be recognized for our exclusive (and pretty!) collections, but also for our mission to empower and build women artisans. Each design is thoughtfully curated and made with a lot of love and purpose - from the bespoke sketches, the hand-picked fabrics to the meaningful name we give each hijab.

We want to showcase the beauty of modesty to the world, one hijab at a time. Confidence in wearing it, especially for younger girls, is so important. To know exactly why you are wearing it and the message behind it.

Through CIC, I hope that every woman can feel like they can express themselves, and be proud of wearing it. After all, we are representing a beautiful religion and we should look and feel beautiful doing it!                           

Not only has CIC become a way where it can inspire Muslim women artistically, CIC has been involved with working amongst other incredible women entrepreneurs in multiple industries. By combining our different levels of expertise, we’ve been able to help each other grow both professionally and personally.