Most Popular Dressed types of Hijab Fabric for Women


Hijab- a symbol and indication of modesty.

For Muslim women, hijab is a part of their attire, without which their attire is considered incomplete. It is a pleasing sign of their culture with beauty and grace. For many other people who are not Muslims, for them, it might be just a scarf, but for Muslims, it’s their worship. Today we will talk about hijab for women in different fabrics that are in high demand in the market plus enhance beauty and should be part of every woman’s wardrobe.

Nowadays, hijab is not just a part of Muslim women’s clothing but also adds a segment in today’s modern fashion world. Hijabs not only come in different fabrics but also have different styles, and types, for instance- simple hijab, burqa, chador, niqab, and so on. As Muslim women need to wear it daily, it should be comfortable not only enhance the glory & charm. Women can choose the same hijab in different fabrics; just a change in the material can give a neoteric look.

Now let’s move to different types of fabric in hijabs for women:

  1. Chiffon Hijab: In hijabs, chiffon is most commonly used due to its quality of simply wrapping, good looking, and comfort. Chiffon is a light fabric made using a combination of different fibers like cotton, silk, and synthetic. You can get chiffon hijabs in the market with various prints and colors.

Chiffon creates delicate layers in both front and back when you drape it. To wear chiffon hijabs tight, you need to wear an under cap because it is flowing and sheer.


  1. Jersey Hijab: Among all the types of hijab for women, this fabric is considered super comfortable, manageable, and easy to wear. Jersey is made from cotton and is usually used to make shirts and t-shirts. Women from colder countries wear jersey hijabs as it is slight and warm and protect them from cold weather.

As well as, it works in summer because its fabric can absorb sweat easily; that’s why Middle East women in the parts of Egypt, Iran, and Iraq also wear it.


  1. Square Hijab: Square hijabs are similar to chiffon hijabs because they are made of high-quality chiffon. They generally sold in the market with complete plainness and simple designs, that’s why they could be carried with different attires. Also comes in large sizes to give full coverage and can be draped in diverse styles.


  1. Polyester Hijab: Polyester is made of synthetic fabric used in making clothes. Polyester hijabs can be carried on casual as well as special occasions. Polyester hijabs demand is rising as it is wrinkle-free, cozy, convenient, and feels soft when worn. It’s is available in the market with various prints, so you can choose as per your likeness and how you want to look. Polyester hijabs are more suitable in the spring and winter seasons because of their capacity of less sweat absorption.


  1. Rayon Hijab: Do you prefer a hijab that can be wearied all seasons? Then you should definitely choose rayon hijabs because they are appropriate in all seasons, whether it’s summer, spring, or winter. You can carry it for a casual look with your outfits. If you like to create unique looks and multiple styles with your hijab, go for it without any doubt. Rayon hijabs work with informal and formal outfits and give your wholesome dress a graceful and elegant face.


  1. Silk Hijab: A well-known hijab for parties, and occasions. When it comes to silk, there are a plethora of hijabs available with unique designs, prints, and patterns to choose from. Nowadays, many women pick silk clothes because they feel comfortable and easy to handle. I don’t think any women in the world don’t attract by the shining of silk; that’s why when you wear a silk hijab it will adorn your complete attire with its shimmer.


We have mentioned all the most popular hijab for women in different fabrics that are currently trending in the market with high demand by women worldwide. You can add all of these hijabs to your wardrobe. When you wear them, it will replicate today’s modern fashion with your culture and tradition. Try different hijabs as per your likeness and look you want to get and see how it beautifies you.





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